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Outsourcing certain back-office functions such as accounting, payroll, taxes and treasury allows you to focus on your core activities, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

At Expertisa we dedicate relevant time and effort to understand your business, its culture and the detail of its processes. During this phase we construct together the Service Level Agreement – SLA in which the entire planning of our work will documented, allowing for the teams to know how, when and where to act.

Understanding what is critical in the client´s operation is the key for us to be efficient in our delivery. This is why, for each project, we encourage and promote the understanding of your business by our team of professionals.

Our services comprise:


Full or partial outsourcing of the accounting function including:

  • Processing and recording the accounting documentation,
  • Preparation of monthly balance sheets, financial statements and management accounts,
  • Preparation of financial reporting for subsidiaries of International groups,
  • Support to external audit.


Outsourcing of the payroll processes including:

  • Preparation of monthly payroll,
  • Managing admissions and dismissals,
  • Calculation of contributions to social security and other taxes and preparation of ancillary obligations related to personnel.


Outsourcing of the tax function including:

  • Preparation of ancillary obligations,
  • Calculation of taxes due and issuance of the relevant returns,
  • Preparation of annual tax returns,
  • Assistance in case of tax inspections,
  • Preparation of personnel tax returns for individuals.


  • Processing of the documentation to be inserted in the payment system of the bank for authorization by the client,
  • Control of accounts receivable,
  • Preparation of cash flow statements.

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Outsourcing, tax, hr & finance
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